'Friesians, four in hand' by Gail Dee Guirreri Maslyk

  • Art Type: Painting
  • Medium: oil
  • Material: canvas
  • Width: 36.00"
  • Height: 48.00"
  • Price: $8,200.00
  • Artist Perspective: "I only paint what truly moves me. 'Friesians, four-in-hand' was one of those perfect painting days where everything just worked as intended. This canvas has held my attention for years now and thankfully hangs in my living room. I feel like I can still learn from it as if someone else painted it. I love the freedom in the brush work and of course the simplicity of color. I don't get to keep many canvases but this one I have managed to hold on to. It inspires me further every morning."

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