About Art Gallery Data

Art Gallery Data started off simply to power the web site for a non profit gallery with only volunteers for staff. Managing 50 artworks with artist's profile and bio on a web site can be a daily job to keep accurate and up to date. My creative instincts decided the computer should pick up most of the work and each artist could maintain their own data, verifying accuracy in the process.

There were more wishes to be made. Once data on artwork is entered, it should not have to be entered again for my personal web site. If a gallery shows my work, the information should be available to them as well. Consistency in availablity of the art work along with other details is solved with a central bank of art data that other web sites utilize in feeds to power their own web site. Hit sold, and all sites are updated in that moment. Art Gallery Data became a customized art web service upon opening. If you have wished for a dynamic art web site of your own, join Art Gallery Data as a domain user.

In June of 2015 Google decided we must all have our web sites mobile friendly. Building a site from scratch made this convenient for me but not so convenient for many artists and galleries that already have sites. Another very important topic in Goggle Rankings is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly URLs. Other corporate art web site developers have not all found a way to control the URL from user input. They promise you SEO but actually you as an artist have to know more in order to actually have SEO friendly. Bottom line, I developed code to turn your name, gallery name, art show and title into perfect URLs so you will gain in the rankings and be worry free!

As a show manager I have often found my time consummed with details that could be managed by a good database. Printing show cards is always a job I cringe having to do. As a gallery user, click a show, click the artworks, click some fields you want to print and Voila! Sales cards! Maybe you have someone in the gallery that is unsure to purchase an artwork. Log in, make the same clicks with a different format and print an image information card for them to take home. Need a printed list of all art work in a show, click and print. Export a CSV? I can customize that to your needs.

So, why should artists and galleries register?

Artists, by uploading your art you make the galleries job much more streamlined and in turn that helps them sell your art. This is a two way street. Galleries, you need to build your call to artists so the artists can submit directly to you in your console where you can click and approve. As a community of artists and galleries we will gain rankings and viewability across the world wide web in a joint effort!

  • Gail Guirreri-Maslyk
  • owner/developer
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