'Untamed, a self portrait' by Gail Dee Guirreri Maslyk

  • Art Type: Painting
  • Medium: oil
  • Material: canvas
  • Width: 24.00"
  • Height: 36.00"
  • Price: $1,450.00
  • Artist Perspective: "A self portrait is hardly my first thought when considering my next canvas. I do enjoy a challenge and loved the idea for this show. Having nothing to lose, I kept my Fall palette I had been working with: Phthalo emerald, Naphol red, Indian yellow, transparent orange, ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson and of course titanium-zinc white. I pushed the canvas very quickly from a few stroke gesture positions to flesh color with a large brush not taking the time to think too much. In the back of my mind, I wondered how fast Matisse and Van Gogh painted portraits. The palette itself plays a large role in the outcome of a painting when moving this fast. Much of the mixing happens on the canvas leaving obvious signs in bold untamed streaks of color. Right or wrong, all the strokes melt together in ones eye. I do get a creepy feeling of myself looking back at me."

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